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Hessel Law offers full-service immigration solutions to individuals, families, employers, and investors, whether in obtaining permanent residence in the United States, nonimmigrant visas, or a strong defense during removal proceedings.

We are experienced with deportation defense in immigration court, immigrant and nonimmigrant consular processing and waivers, and applications and petitions before USCIS.

Whether you need a solution to a specific problem or general guidance and an understanding of the options available to you, I can provide you with the answers you need.

Please click on the following links to learn more about the specific areas of immigration law that pertain to you:

Family Immigration

One of the major goals at Hessel Law is to do everything possible to keep your family together. I believe that families have a fundamental right to be together and to do everything in their power to provide the best opportunities to their children.

I will carefully walk you and your family through the complex immigration procedures open to you. I will explain your options and answer your questions in order to help guide you to the best solution for you and your family, whether it is obtaining permanent residence through either USCIS, immigration court, or U.S. Consulates, or seeking short-term solutions to immediate medical or financial concerns. I will help you to understand what protections are available to you and the relative strength of the different options available.

I have successfully guided individuals and families past the obstacles presented by illegal presence in the US., criminal histories, previous removals, divorce, abuse, and death. If there is a way to get you what you want, I know that I can find it.

Business Immigration

Business immigration is a complex process, especially in the current economic climate. It will depend on a number of factors, including the type and size of the business, the education and experience of the prospective employee, or the extent of the investment being considered.

I can offer you a range of services based upon your individual and corporate capacities - whether it requires the creation of business plans, job descriptions, and corporate minutes, or is more limited representation before the relevant government agencies. Labor certifications and …

Asylum and the Rights of Victims

One of the fundamental aspects of U.S. immigration law is an appreciation of basic human rights. If you have persecuted in your home country or are the victim of a crime or domestic abuse in the U.S., you may have the right to obtain permanent residence or to delay your return to your native country, while gaining the right to live and work in the U.S. until the foreign situation has been resolved.

Asylum is an especially complicated process, which requires the ability to quickly research and understand the causes and nature of foreign situations. I am uniquely suited to this task as I am not only an experienced asylum attorney, but have a working knowledge of international affairs beyond that normally expected of attorneys. I continue to further this knowledge through my work as a member of the Board of Directors of the Tennessee World Affairs Council. As an attorney, it is my responsibility to keep up with developments within the field of asylum law, but feel it is my responsibility as a global citizen to keep up with developments within a more global context as well.

Deportation Defense

Immigration is perhaps most complex, and most frightening, when placed into removal proceedings before the Immigration Court. I will work exhaustively to obtain your or your loved ones' release from detention as soon as possible and to provide the defense that is best suited to your particular solution. There are important and sometimes irreversible consequences for every decision and action before the Court, and it is important that you understand these consequences in order to trust that you are making the best decision available to you. Sometimes this will mean fighting for every inch of ground in front of you; other times it will mean working with government attorneys to receive their discretion to allow you to pursue a simpler solution to your situation. Whatever the options available to you, I will make sure you are not only given every chance to achieve and meet your needs, but that you understand why this is happening and why certain choices may be impossible or inadvisable.

Criminal Defense and Immigration

Criminal charges play an enormous role in immigration law. It is absolutely essential that you understand the potential legal consequences of criminal charges AND plea bargains. Oftentimes, what is a good choice before a criminal court IS NOT a good choice for your immigrant status. Immigration law has a very different view of what constitutes a conviction, so your probation may still put you at risk of being deported or denied entry to the U.S. However, there may be hope - if you have current criminal charges pending, I can represent you before the criminal court to make sure that ALL of your interests are served. Or I can consult with you and your criminal attorney to assist in ensuring the same result. If you have a criminal history, you may be able to reopen the prior cases and have the results changed - expungement will NOT protect you from suffering negative immigration consequences as a result of criminal convictions; sometimes fighting for post-conviction relief is your best choice. Other times, you may be able to have the immigration consequences waived, whether before USCIS, the Immigration Court, or U.S. Consulates. Whatever the options available to you, I will make sure you are not only given every chance to achieve and meet your needs, but that you understand why this is happening and why certain choices may be impossible or inadvisable.

Entertainment Visas

I have performed and recorded with several bands in the United States and Puerto Rico. I enjoy assisting artists, musicians, performers, filmmakers, and models in achieving access to U.S. markets. This can sometimes be a difficult process as you will need to prove varying degrees of international success and acclaim. You may even qualify for unsponsored permanent residence, if such success is sufficient and you would like to reside long-term in the U.S.

Those visiting for the purposes of art and entertainment for the short-term are still subject to significant inquiry into their past. Oftentimes, it will be necessary to seek a waiver for past indiscretions or mistakes before you will be able to perform or work on your project in the U.S. It is important that you obtain the knowledge you need to protect your interests in order to ensure a smooth visit, tour, opening, show, shoot, and so on.


Whatever your goal, there may be things from your past that can prevent you from achieving them. It is important that you understand the consequences of certain actions and decisions before you make them. It is perhaps even more important that you understand when and how you can overcome these consequences. Waivers are often available to individuals seeking permanent residence as well as short-term visits to the U.S. These waivers can forgive criminal histories, previous removals, and more, but only if you know how to prove and the present the necessary evidence that you qualify for such forgiveness. Many attorneys are content to present the barest of evidence; I believe that it is better to create a comprehensive and impermeable presentation of your eligibility for a waiver by presenting as thorough and complete an assessment of your equities as possible. There is no family hardship too small nor any reason for visiting too insignificant to be included in your waiver, when your life or career is at stake.

General Practice Areas

I apply high standards of professionalism and creativity to criminal defense and collaborative divorces, as well as immigration matters.  Please click below to learn more about how Hessel Law can serve your legal needs in these areas.

Criminal Defense

If you or someone you know has been arrested or charged with a criminal offense, it is important that you contact an attorney who knows the law and cares enough to ensure that you get the best defense possible. I approach every criminal case with a passion for protecting clients from the inherent injustices of our criminal system. Importantly, I will carefully and patiently explain every step of the process, making certain that you understand what we are doing and the consequences of any plea agreements or potential sentences you may be considering or facing. 

Please contact me at 615-379-8472 if you would like a free, brief telephone consultation to discuss your case further.


I believe that divorces should be handled so as to minimize the cost of starting this new phase in the lives of you and your family. If you and your spouse have reached the point that your relationship is over, I want to help you protect your interests and those of your children, working alongside trained mediators to try and negotiate the best arrangement to satisfy the individual needs of your family members prior to representing you in Court. I believe that this is much better than engaging in an emotional and drawn-out Court battle, that will leave you and your wallet more drained than is necessary.

However, sometimes agreements can not be reached; perhaps your ex is being unreasonable or unrealistic. In such cases, it becomes necessary to put aside the kid gloves and get aggressive to ensure that your best interests are put first. 

Related Services

I will try and address other concerns to the best of my abilities. More importantly, I know my limits and will not try to reach beyond my areas of expertise, choosing instead to refer you to another attorney. It is my goal to ensure that your interests are met and your needs served, even if that means some of your work is performed by another attorney with skills other than immigration, criminal defense, and divorce.