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I am a great advocate of the essential place immigrants have in this country. Not only is immigration the foundation of our history, but it is the cornerstone of our future success. While I am a fourth-generation American, with roots based in Eastern Europe, my wife is a first-generation Cuban-American. We were both raised in Miami, Florida, a true melting pot of international culture. I have travelled extensively, visiting more than 30 countries on five continents throughout my life. As a result of these experiences, I have a deep and abiding respect and appreciation for difference and realize how fortunate I am to work in a field that allows me first-hand access to the diverse experiences our world has to offer.

When my wife, son, and I moved to Nashville after graduating from law school, I was so happy to experience the extent to which immigrant communities have successfully integrated into the center of our nation. I currently serve on the Board of Directors of the Tennessee World Affairs Council. I have represented hundreds of clients before the Immigration Courts, USCIS, the Department of Labor, and U.S. Consulates in many foreign countries before the full range of immigration matters. I approach every client creatively, finding solutions to their problems while making sure that each client and their families understand their options and the consequences of the choices they made.

Hessel Law continues to apply this creative and committed approach to protecting my clients' rights and interests as I help them to navigate the complexities of U.S. immigration law. I offer full-service immigration solutions to individuals, families, employers, and investors, whether in obtaining permanent residence in the United States, nonimmigrant visas, or a strong defense during removal proceedings. I truly enjoy working on your behalf to keep your families together, to grow your business, and to protect your rights from threats both foreign and domestic.

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"Brent, your help with all of this is well worth much more than what you have charged us and we are thankful for your generosity. . . you really have gone way beyond what you have been paid to do.  I know what you do is time consuming and your time is valuable and you have been super generous to all of us." - Trent A.

"Brent, if I did not think you had mine and Antonio's best interest at heart, I would never have started any of this and we would just be waiting for something bad to happen if he got into a scrape.  Trust is not an easy thing to me so when I trust someone, you know you have done the best by me.  Someone has to earn my trust and you have done everything you said you would do to help us thus far.  After our first meeting, I felt that you gave it to us straight and we could believe what you were telling us. I guess I just wanted you to know... you are helping me control my destiny and the destiny of my family.  I know I tell you that I appreciate all you do and I do.  They are not just words.  You are doing a good service for people like Antonio and myself.   I have never thought about using someone else after our first meeting." - Rosalin D.

"It is so great having her home! Thanks for all you did to help us! God is good!" - Trent H.

"I was very reassured by your bright ideas and input.  I felt like you created some much needed imagination.  You are intuitive." - Kimi S.